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Take Part in the Transformation. Expand Your Role in Energy Regulation.

The energy industry is undergoing a transformation, moving away from fossil fuel generation that emits greenhouse gas, and toward renewable energy and energy storage technology that have little to no emissions. Regulatory agencies are developing new rules and making important decisions related to the energy transformation. Energy providers and other stakeholders must have a voice in the process. Tosdal APC has years of experience representing clients before regulatory agencies, including the California Public Utilities Commission and California Energy Commission, on a wide range of regulatory matters.

Our firm has strong industry experience advocating on behalf of a variety of energy market
participants before the California Public Utilities Commission—one of the most active state
utility commissions in the country. Our experience allows us to ensure our clients' interests are
thoroughly protected and strategically represented at crucial stages of the regulatory process.

Tosdal APC has been involved in expanding customer choice in the electricity market and accelerating the transition to a carbon free future in San Diego and throughout the state. Advocating on behalf of CCA programs before the California Public Utilities Commission on a wide range of matters, Tosdal APC has been instrumental in successful program creation, implementation, and operation.


May 30, 2023

Parties Submit Reply Briefs

June 7, 2023

CPUC to Vote on PD Addressing PCIA Components and ESPs' Data Access


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